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The ZEOS 38 has additional streamlined and balanced lift, providing 17Kg of upward thrust to divers looking for that extra reserve, but who still demand a neat and tidy configuration.

Three lengths of 14, 16 or 19 inches are available ensuring buoyancy control is always in the most comfortable position for you.

Knowing “we can do better” is our obsession at XDEEP. The ZEOS epitomises technical excellence using the best materials.

European Design and manufacture driven by diving passion.

Classical form and function have been elevated to a new level.

Our 3D mesh has no change in buoyancy characteristics, whatever the depth, so you can reduce the extra weight less thoughtful designs demand.

The design ensures most of the wing stays underwater, using more of the buoyancy.

This provides extra lift keeping your head and shoulders clear of the waves. Underwater you can eliminate trade-offs and experience perfect trim made simple and easy by the exact geometry of the ZEOS.

Custom configured to suit you, to suit your diving, to suit the conditions you dive in and to suit your individual preferences.

The ZEOS full set comes ready to dive - add a cylinder, a regulator, a diver and immerse in water!

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