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Everything from the sight lines, the position of the mirrors, to the way you peek slightly up the dashboard to look ahead is déjà vu.

The steering, a hydraulic assisted unit is heavy, heavier than other similar steering set-ups; but suits the relaxed nature of this vehicle.

Compared to before, it filters unwanted ruts and vibrations from the road although some sharp ones do still tend to shudder the steering wheel.

Apart from the steering, its on-road performance is pretty much where the previous model left off.

It ends up telling pretty much the same story, remixed and retold.On the flipside, push it a tad more and it’ll understeer. Scrubbing some speed is the only solution to get it to cooperate.The same setup is largely responsible for the jiggly ride, especially at low speeds.Along the side, a strong character line runs across the doors while the blacked out C-pillar produces that distinct “floating roof” effect.The rear is no less striking with the tapered tail lights with bold LED elements.

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