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After about an hour or so later when I got into the car to leave I had this wonderful smell radiating from my arm and loved it. This perfume was created in 1998 however it smells like from the 80's. This is the best oriental designer for me and it can be obtained for so cheap, it hurts .

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Jaipur evolves during a wearing and has clearly separated notes. It instantly reminds me of two things: an Indian scent store that sells scented oils, incense, and spices, and a little Asian tea shop I used to visit with my dad as a kid. The cinnamon here is unsweetened and bitter, and the citrus morphs the cinnamon into a totally different and unique spicy smell. This scent can be polarizing - you will either adore it or abhor it. I have the EDP version and I am completely infatuated with it. Stunning projection and longevity and I'm comfortable with it year-round, including summer. I don't mean that in a Narcissistic way, I just want to cuddle myself when I smell like this and it just makes me feel happy.

I believe this was created by Boucheron and Annick Menardo targeting the mature men. There's an edt and edp, i suggest you stay with the edt. It is somewhat outdated but at the same time luxurious and exuding class.

Jaipur by Boucheron EDT is without a doubt the most special, comforting fragrance I have ever smelled. If you, like me, have shyed away from this scent because you are worried it would smell “dated” - don’t. Primarily because nothing else you’ve smelled is similar. :) Without regard to the aforementioned packaging, Jaipur is a must have, must try, for any fragrance apologist. It has something special that can not be transmitted - the refinement does not have years.

The citrus in the opening comes off a lot clearer now and the FLORALS... The jasmine and carnation are just so rich and really shine amongst the cardamom, cinnamon and patchouli. I realized that the edp was a close skin scent for only a little bit longer. Easily a whole work day and is a skin scent for a long, long, time. I had to shower, so I never truly figured out for how long. the florals...something I don't typically care for...blend the fresh with the buttery with the spicy into a light, sweet, aromatic amalgamation. The intro seemed a little daunting with the slightly anise like scent of many men's colognes and sharp almost piney citrus but then came a breath of spice, coriander and cinnamon mellowing into a perfect carnation. Anyone that likes ladies designer fragrances but finds them too sweet and girly should give this a try.

The dry down is just as beautiful as the opening and mid. The first time I smelled this, I didn't care for it and washed it off immediately. All this combines sublimely, to make a complex, nuanced, but smooth fragrance that has a cozy, delicious, inviting smell. So when you add in the price, it's a hell of a fragrance. There was a bit where it seemed a little powdery and then it mellowed into a lovely vanilla that is just nutty enough not to be too sweet. The reviews of Phoenix and Slave for Scents essentially nailed it.

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