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While these photographs were both taken by NASA, neither of the pictures dates to 1978, nor did NASA release the photographs simultaneously in an attempt to highlight the spread of deforestation.

Subjugated by the Aztecs, the Totonacs paid tribute by sending vanilla fruit to the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan.A popular set of photographs purportedly documenting the dramatic effects of deforestation in North America has been circulating online for several years now.These images are frequently attached to the assertion that “NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of in just 34 years,” but that isn’t the case.It’s important to note that the land portion of this image was photographed between June and September, during the period of the year when it is summer in North America (and when many types of trees are therefore displaying plentiful green foliage), and is tinted slightly greener than the original: The land and coastal ocean portions of these images are based on surface observations collected from June through September 2001 and combined, or composited, every eight days to compensate for clouds that might block the sensor’s view of the surface on any single day.Two different types of ocean data were used in these images: shallow water true color data, and global ocean color (or chlorophyll) data. MODIS observations of polar sea ice were combined with observations of Antarctica made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s AVHRR sensor—the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer.

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