How to appear less intimidating

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But, once you’re in the door and see the prices, you’ll be convinced!

The first of several great–really great–things about ALDI is their double guarantee.

ALDI takes an innovative, low-overhead approach to business that allows them to offer big savings to their customers.

You won’t see a lot of employees straightening up the aisles, bagging your groceries, and stocking shelves.

), but usually it’s top cuts of meat at really low prices.

These are great choices for planning freezer meals and doing your weekly meal planning. Prepare to make the trip on Wednesday because the cuts often come in limited amounts and once the specials are gone, they’re gone.

If you’re concerned about partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic colors and added MSG, this should come as a big relief.

Bring your rock bottom price list with you when you go, so you can be sure you’re truly getting the best deal.

ALDI carries a few of its own brands and these are where you’ll usually find the best bargains.

Everything is on the floor on pallets to allow for quick restocking and rotation.

Big yellow signs above the pallets list the prices.

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