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Until she met cookies, at which point we realized she could eat just fine, thank you very much. I suppose I hadn’t yet learned The Great Parenting Lesson: that children are infinitely complex, and they don’t lend themselves – ever – to simple formulas. And frankly, if we took this approach, it would come as no small relief to concerned relatives, who worry that a thin child can never be healthy, and (“No,” says our pediatrician, simply).To any and all future parents, allow me to save you several years of frustration: If you do . (You’re welcome.) “Just serve her what the rest of the family eats,” says our pediatrician, noting that she might be below the general weight curve, but that she is gaining some weight. I’m not the first person to struggle with a neophobic kid.The fear halts progress and can ultimately lead to disaster.While it is smart not to accept every snake oil salesman at face value, new ideas and ways of thinking about a situation are critical to success.By the time she arrived, nearly five years after child #1, we were card-carrying CSA members. We were locavores, true believers in living soil and leafy greens and small-is-beautiful. Make no mistake: that light was shining brightly on green fields growing in organic soil, pastured animals frolicking in the distance.Rocking child #2 during her infancy, I didn’t have a doubt that this was the kid who would embrace the rainbow on her plate, would grow up noshing on raw chard and heirloom tomatoes.

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Regardless of age, moderate to severe neophobia can have a serious impact on your daily life.Likewise, many elderly people develop mild neophobia.As the effects of aging catch up to us, we may begin to feel like our days of adventure are over, preferring to remain in comfortable, familiar surroundings.In the case of my 8-year-old, I’d say that would have been a fair criticism – we started wrong with that kid, began her food career with items from boxes, marketed specifically for toddlers – starches and fats and vitamin fortification pressed into clever, kid-friendly shapes.At a certain point, around the time our older child was 18 months, we realized that chicken nuggets beget only cravings for more chicken nuggets.

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