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We had a week in the village were we saw a number of things which we discussed.

The first being all the men only wore a loin cloth and nothing else, even when the boys and men played football their cocks could be clearly seen, which was a bit disconcerting as they were huge neven in the young boys.

and around the base was a solid gold cock ring, with a smaller gold connection ring).

I also saw Ruth looking with a mixture of fear and longing for this cock.

She replied "David what you never have you never miss, and you will be doing this for our beliefs". With that he told Ruth to bathe, and dress in the clothes laid out in master bedroom (which we were to spend our first night as man & wife), and that his maid Shona, would help her get ready for her new marriage.

An hour later after Ade had bathed and dressed (just a black loin cloth), and Mose fitted me with a cage, locking my 5" cock tightly bound.

This involved deep discussions, and by the time we had a date to move to Kenya, to take up a post north of Mombasa, under the guidance of another Kenyan pastor called Moses.

Ruth and i planned to be married prior to taking up this post and marry in Nairobi.

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I explained to Ruth that what was being proposed was that Ade would "marry her" and be her "husband" and i wouldnt ever make love to her.Ruth my wife and i David 20, had known each other for 18 years as we met at sunday school.Both of us only children to older church going parents.With just Moses and Ade we sat and talked I must admit i couldnt wait for the chance to be on my own at last with Ruth. Then Moses said that wedding was for you the white, now we must have a wedding for the blackman, We didnt know what he meant, so he explained, that Ruth must wear the " Devils whore" clothes, and make her vows to the black superior race.I tried to argue but Ade scowled "so you only pretend to help us but will not carry out your promises", I tried to explain but Ruth said "David we did promise on oath to do anything to achieve this".

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