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Sam is beautiful, slim, and has long red hair and emerald green eyes. Some fans have speculated that she might be of Irish heritage.

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Sofia moved to Los Angeles many years ago, but I get the sense she’s never really had a chance to settle in. Handy employment with Michael Jackson and Madonna soon followed. “It’s an interesting question I have been asking myself,” she says.

And because of this on-going saga surrounding his future, the coveted forward has become one of the Premier League’s most well-known faces.

But it seems that not everyone thinks his face is so recognisable after an Irish newspaper became caught up in a rather embarrassing gaffe.

Minus when it comes to cute boys like in "The Suavest Spy" or "The Dream Teens", showing Sam is just as guilty about boys as Clover and Alex.

Sam, like Clover and Alex, enjoys shopping, and visiting salons, but she is not as interested as the others are.

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