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As per normal, to securely install an OS, one should install it disconnected from the network..

If you are using an ethernet cable, disconnect the cable.

The Windows 10 Hardening Guide is below and all of the hardening steps are contained in this document.

There is an optional Configuration Pack which automates some of the configuration steps and also provides the ACLs to partition away hacker friendly admin command line tools.

Vulnerable services and unnecessary networking protocols will be disabled.

Layers of security will be added to protect our system, private documents, browsers and other applications.

Due to technical difficulties, we are not able to offer instant download for the Configuration Packs, orders will be emailed out every day after 5am EST Email: fortified dot windows -at- gmail dot com It is important to note, that after hardening a system, one has to test to see if the applications that you run still runs as expected.

Performing all the steps manually takes 3-4 hours and the Configuration Pack saves time by letting you import certain configs.If you are on Wi Fi, Right click on Start button Change Adapter Settings and right click disable the Wi Fi interface.To perform an upgrade from a previous version of Windows, boot that version of Windows and run 'setup' from the DVD drive/USB memory stick.After it finishes, check the iso sub folder to locate the ISO image file. You need to right click on it and select 'Burn disc image'.Or you can use the free Img Burn utility if you are not on Win 7 or Win 8.

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