Virtual reality dating game

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Founded in 2013, it started off with a VR cooking simulator called Cyber Cook. Sure, my parents would probably look at me funny if I said I met my next beau in VR. For example, people might use VR dating to seek out what they think is the perfect partner, and be unwilling to push through to the end of a date with someone who isn't, said Dr.

We chat while taking in the the endless expanse of stars surrounding us.

There's also a man, floating there with me, dressed casually in a T-shirt and pants.

In front of me, a brilliant shooting star soars across the galaxy.

By strapping on a screen close enough to your eyes, your mind can be tricked into thinking you're in a computer-generated world that feels pretty real.

It's an idea called "presence." Five years ago, that experience seemed like a pipe dream, the stuff of sci-fi movies and tech nerds.

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