Whose nigella lawson dating

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''I think there is such a thing as a family script and in my family script I'm the introverted, over-sensitive frail one,'' though that she says is no longer the case.

Problem children though sometimes have problem parents. In the past she has described her mother as ''a depressive with an irritatingly over-developed aesthetic sense''.

So I feel sometimes I have to enjoy life for them as well.'' Asked if marriage is on the cards again, she says, ''I'm not anti-marriage but to tell you the truth I'm not someone who needs to be kind of validated by a marriage certificate.

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If it's not enough that she's a conspicuous success in the celebrity cookery circuit (appalled as she may be at the label), it should be remembered that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, no doubt stirred in the finest honey just beforehand.''Life,'' she says, ''feels positive.'' The man in question is Charles Saatchi, the advertising executive, modern art collector and multi-millionaire. The couple have been an item for some time but Nigella still speaks of him with the blush of novelty. So I'm very happy I'm not and I have got a life that I want.'' Saatchi is not the cold, difficult man he's often portrayed as, she says. He's this warm, cosy, funny person.'' She can't remember when they met.''I used to see him around at dinners and that sort of thing with other people and I liked him because he had tremendous energy.'' There is a 16-year age gap - he is 58, she is 42 - but she says she's not really aware of it.This, after all, is a woman who had to endure the very public death of her husband, journalist John Diamond, from cancer 18 months ago, a death that followed the premature cancer-related deaths of her mother and sister.''I used to say Forever Summer dot, dot, dot, but winter in my heart.

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